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Our Courses

  • Seminar (inverted classroom)

  • Master (RUB page not online yet..)

  • SoSe + WiSe

In this seminar we will look at scientific papers. The focus is on topics such as

A) security,

B) wireless sensing and communication

C) RF-based Machine Learning Systems.

You will work in groups and learn how to prepare and present scientific papers. The transfer idea will also play a role. How does a good idea become a good product or even a company? The course will probably be very different from the lectures you usually have, but will give you important insights into research and scientific work as well as entrepreneurship.  

02 - Wireless Physical-Layer Security

In this hands-on course you will work with software defined radios and state-of-the-art wireless sensing technologies. The knowledge will not only be imparted theoretically in the lectures and exercises but the assignments which have to be worked on at home ensure that the knowledge is applied practically. For example, you will develop parts of a machine learning framework or implement quantizers. You will also perform measurements and have to opportunity to do this in the fully echoic chamber of the RUB.

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